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Seamless Maritime Freight Transport

Efficient and reliable 1000T coastal cargo ship servicing Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Zanzibar, Pemba, Comoros and Madagascar.

Our Services

Coastal Cargo Shipping

Transporting goods along the coast of East Africa with a 1000T cargo ship.

Freight Forwarding

Efficient handling of freight forwarding needs for businesses in East Africa.

Logistics Consulting

Expert advisory to optimize supply chain management and logistics operations.

About Us

RAPIDE MARITME is a maritime company specializing in freight transport. We operate a 1000T coastal cargo ship that serves multiple ports in East Africa and the Indian Ocean islands.

Founded with a vision to provide efficient and seamless freight transport, RAPIDE MARITIME has been delivering excellence in maritime logistics since its establishment.

Reliable Ship

Our 1000T coastal cargo ship is well-maintained and reliable, ensuring timely and safe transportation of goods.

Extensive Network

We have established connections with major ports in Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Zanzibar, Pemba, Comoros, and Madagascar.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our freight transportation services, providing value for our customers.



We ensure timely delivery of goods, minimizing delays and optimizing the supply chain.


Our services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Professional Team

Our team of experienced professionals ensures smooth operations and exceptional customer service.

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